How to present a case for upgrade to my boss.

Currently I work in very small company that has a key for V 8.3, I really want to upgrade and need to present a case to my boss that the upgrade would be worth it.
I also need to know whats entailed in upgrade.

Previously I worked for over 10 years at BCBG and the whole upgrade was done by IT. I am on my own here to deal with the transition if such would happen. Even tho I would like to believe I am Tech savvy person, I know it can become tricky.

Looking forward to input.

Also if how and where to get a quite for upgrade and what would be the newest version.

Best ~


  • Denise VannoyDenise Vannoy Gerber Staff 💛

    The latest software release of AccuMark is Version 10.4. Currently V111 is in Beta testing. It is best to contact your sales representative to obtain a quote to upgrade.
    There are many new enhancements and features since AccuMark V8.3.
    Keep in mind that V8.3 runs on Vista or Windows XP operating systems which are outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft.

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    Thank you for your response!
    The computer tat has AccuMark on it, is windows 7 Professional.
    Could it be a problem for 8.3 version?
    Consequently my question is: could it be a problem to run AccuMark V11 on Windows 7 Pro?

    When is the V11 coming out?

    And what is the best e-mail to get a quote from sales?

    Wishing all a great day!

  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Version 11 should be out sometime this spring. This version will run on windows7. 
    Another case you could bring up is that you are running Accumark 8.3 on an unsupported operating system. You could be experiencing oddities because of this. If you do experience these and need assistance from tech support we will not be able to assist you because of this. You can go on our website into the contact us area to find who your sales person is and their email address. 
  • I've been an AccuMark user since version 7. The install process has gotten a lot easier in the latter versions, especially V10 as we've had fewer hiccups. We always schedule a time to have Gerber CAD support person on the line to go through the install with us in the event we would have any issues. It's worked out great and we don't dread upgrades like we use to.

    As far as making the case to your boss, Gerber has added so many great enhancements to the software. Once you get use to the new interface (I forget what version that changed on) you'll find that there's lots of little improvements that really can save time and enhance productivity. Our company is running V10.4 and I love it. I've been reading up on the "What's New" documentation and finding all sorts of little things added that are improved over V10.2 that I will be able to take advantage of. Moving from V8 I would bet you'd be blown away by all the improvements.

  • Yes! I worked at BCBG for 10 yrs and they finally switched to V10 last year, it was great, except the bug in 'annotations'.
    My bosses seem to be interested in that improvement. I think V11 is coming out soon, I prefer to wait for it.

  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛

    Hello Abhi, What "bug" are you referring to?

  • With newer version that we had at BCBG there was a bug with annotations not sizing along with  Zoom out function, so if I Zoom out my annotations would become bigger than pattern itself on the work space. Very strange. We all had problem with it and our Tech support said that it's Gerber 'bug' that should be fixed in next version.
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