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Alternate Character Inserting

Greetings......once again. I wish to know the simple way of inserting Alternate Characters inside a text area that I don't normally use via my keyboard. Things like the 2 dots over certain letters for German or Swedish...or the squiggly line over certain letters in Spanish. I hope this question makes sense. Thanks for anyone's help.

Tom Franklin
Karcher North America


  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛


    Great question! We can use characters that are in fonts that are not mapped to standard US keyboards. See the link below for a document on how to enter the character you would like to use in more detail.

    You may first need to review the font to identify the number. To do that you can use the View Font tool after selecting the font you would like to use. As shown in the screen capture below the character number for the cent symbol for the font I have selected is 162. In order to type that you would, when using that font of course, hold down the ALT key and type 0162 on your numpad and then release the ALT key.

  • HI Rob. Thanks for such a quick response. I will try those steps shortly. Thanks again

  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛

    Hi Tom,
    If you use a laptop that doesn't have a number pad you can go to view font then click on the character you want to use then select EDIT and COPY then go back to the enter Edit dialog box and then hit CTRL+V to paste that character into the window.

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