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Agree, Disagree, Vote Up: What are these Community "reactions" all about?

Michael CookseyMichael Cooksey Gerber Staff 💛
edited January 26 in General

Have you ever wondered what the "reactions" on our Community are all about? Did you even know that you can earn points on the Community?? Here's a brief run down on "Agree," "Disagree," and "Vote Up" so that you can use them like an absolutely fabulous community member!


Clicking "Agree" on a post or comment means you are agreeing with what the original poster is saying. You earn one point when you "agree" with a post, and the post itself earns 1 additional point to its score.


Community members that disagree with a post or comment can give their opinion with this reaction. Since a disagreement is highly subjective, this reaction doesn't promote or bury the post, nor give any points.


An up vote is a general approval of a post or comment. Enough up votes will promote a post in the "Best of" category in our Community!


You can see your points on your profile page, in the "About" section. Just click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page to access your own profile.

Finally, flagging a post sends it to a special queue for moderation by Community Moderators, like me.

Like my post? Why not vote it up, then? ;)

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