AutoMatch Z1 Green Color

Quick Tip

This might help when installing new setup for Automatch. When something went wrong. You will see green at the Z1 table after you scanned the material. When camera being blocked when scanning. It could be light shield or light bar. This could happen when someone moves light bar after calibration is completed. Sometimes when you calibrate with light shield on. At this point you can goto live image and move around the light bar back and forth.

To enter live image you can go thru these steps

  1. Open Sapera CamExpert
  2. Verify the device (Xcelera-CL_PX4_1_Serial_0 and camera link_1)
  3. Select Camera Control ** change Exposure Time Source to **Trigger Width to Timed
  4. Select Digital IO Control to Trigger Mode to ON to OFF
  5. Then open C:\dinacol_gerber\server\App\automatching\bin\Grabserversapera.exe
  6. At this point you could see the live image and click the VIEW button to 30% so you could see entire table width of Z1.
  7. Then Click GRAB
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