How to do manual feed for single ply cutter dcs 1500 and 2500

Quick Tip for static table manual feed from cutworks. IF your table is too short for certain materials that extened to your table length. You can use manual feed mode at the cutowrks.

You need goto edit tab then click edit geomtry tab then click manual feed. Once you clicked the manual feed; you will see drill point. Then you can send it to cutter and then need to change the (At end move cutter to) Don't Move. Once cutter cut thru that piece it will pause and follow the direction at the PC screen. What ever amount you need to move the laser point will move to correct distance then you can move you piece according to laser point. At this point it is critical that you move piece very carfully and aligned to laserpoint and aligned material correctly.

I attacthed pictures to see.

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