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Printing on Gerber Heat Transfer Plus with Edge FX

scurlock3scurlock3 Posts: 1
Wondering if anyone out there regularly uses an EDGE FX to print on Gerber Heat Transfer plus vinyl (or JersiPrint vinyl).  I recently had to replace the Print head data cable on the the Edge and since then my prints on this material have not been very clear; colors are slightly off and white speckles in them (have repeatedly cleaned print head before use).  Additionally, the vinyl material is very difficult to remove from the carrier backing after cutting and before heat pressing.  We have used both a poly tape and clear transfer tape.  Around the same time I replaced the cable I ordered a new supply of the Gerber heat transfer material which seems to be slightly different than the past; feels a little lighter and a little different to weed, but very difficult to remove from carrier and transfer to shirt for heat press.
So, I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or may have any suggestions. Have tried various settings on the print, with various results but nothing comparable to what we have done in the past.
The issues are occurring only on this material; printing on regular 220 sticker material prints, cuts, and peels just fine.  Thanks for any help.
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