getting specific sections of color to bleed into other colors.

I have a project that is going to have 3 colors. It is a circle design with a small outline of Orange next to blue. I wish to make sure the the Orange goes right next to the blue with no visible white (white of the vinyl) showing through. How do I achieve this? It should be simple but I can't figure it out.. So once again.....picture a circle......than the outside of that circle with another circle right against the first circle. All this is to be spot colors. Any advise would be appreciated.



  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛


    We have a few ways to help with color to color registration. I will address two of them here.

    One way is by using a trick that the screen printing industry has been using forever, and that is by building an intentional trap of one of the colors behind the other. Traditionally this is done with the darkest/most opaque color in front of the other. We have a feature, stroke same as fill, in the OMEGA software that will assign a stroke the same color of the fill and make that an overlap stroke. The overlap stroke will print on top of the color below it in that stroke area. The default stroke amount for that function is .015" and should cover your color to color registration. You can edit the stroke width if you want a smaller trap.

    Another way to achieve this is by using our FoilAdjust feature. This would allow you to test the color to color registration and have the software shift the colors to properly align to each other better. This is very helpful when you have colors that do not touch, but have small gaps that would be obvious if they shift closer or farther away and you could not use a trap because the colors do not touch each other in the design.

    Full instructions here would be impossible. See software documentation or contact support for instructions.

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