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Nesting Time Limit to be Kept Standard 12 Mins

ArunArun Posts: 14

I have a Query in AccuNest Job Submitting,


In our customer Place, As customer Management Decision The Nesting Full Option TIME Limit Should be 12 Minutes only, But the CAD Operator is Not following the Time and Currently Running Only 2 Mins, So Customer asked to Block the Time , it Should be Standard 12 Minutes only, 

so advice me to Do the Same


  • mirobertsmiroberts Posts: 12
    Hi Arun,

    I'm not following the question.  Are you wanting to make sure your CAD Operators runs the nesting option for 12 minutes?

    To my knowledge when you submit the marker to AccuNest there's not a way to 'lock' the settings so no one else can make changes.  Those settings are controlled individually each time a marker is sent to AccuNest.
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