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Regular White vs Flood Coat White

Hi There

I recently had the Problem of having the painted color of a surface at work bleed through the finished label I had made in which White was the backing color but it wasn't opaque enough. Is there an actual difference in White vs Floodcoat white as far as density of a color goes? I appreciate any help on this.



  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛


    Below is a link to the product bulletin for the GCX-010 flood coat white. It is intended for large prints of white that have no small details. It is more opaque than the GCS-10 White. We also have a foil, GCS-710 Arctic White, that is a compromise between the two that is more opaque than spot white, but can do small details. GerberColor Flood Coat White.pdf

    Quotes from GCX-010 Flood Coat White product bulletin.

    GerberColor™ Special Effects Series Flood Coat White (GCX-010) Foil is a durable, resinbased pigmented foil designed for use with the GERBER EDGE®, GERBER EDGE 2®, and GERBER EDGE FX thermal transfer printing systems, in conjunction with EDGE READY™ materials. Flood Coat White features an extra-heavy pigment construction that allows a highly opaque white foil to be applied in a single pass.

    Intended Applications

    As its name suggests, this foil has been designed primarily for flood coating reverse-printed graphics on clear films. The user must determine the suitability of Flood Coat White for all other application such as text and small shape printing, or electrically illuminated backlit signs. Most materials that this foil would be printed on are not intended for use where they may be exposed to petrochemical spillage. If petrochemical contact is anticipated, refer to the section below on protecting graphics. The user must determine the suitability of applications to all final substrates.

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