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I need help with my silhouette plotter setup...Advances too far before & after plotting

ReubenAyresReubenAyres Posts: 5
edited November 24 in General
I have an old Graphtech GX3000 silhouette plotter. It used to be set up perfectly. I have now got a new computer, and the configuration is all wrong. Pieces still plot just fine, however...I lose about 4-5 feet of paper on the advance both before, and after plotting. It used to advance , and then roll back to it's original start point. Now it advances, but doesn't recede. The same after plotting. 
It used to advance a few inches, after plotting, then it would change to the knife, and cut across the width of the paper (except 1" on either end).
For my "cut plot" set up, it used to grab the knife tool and cut the perimiter at 1" lengths with 1/32" tab, not it just cuts without the tab (although i see it in the file). This obviously screwws up the paper feed.
I am using 36" wide paper on rolls.
I have tried to review the set up files, but cannot figure it out. Any help is apreciated.
I will attach sceen shots of set up.
First picture shows how much paper is being wasted (small piece that was plotted shown in middle of paper)


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