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Importing DXF causes grainlines to change

LaurenMLaurenM Posts: 5

I have a vendor who sends DXF only and we've been trying to smooth out this process. The problems are:
- Grainlines come in rotated slightly or fully back to straight grain when they should not be
- Seams cannot be swapped, even when I use the Seams/Generate function
- Corners are lost or skewed
- Notches do not come in

Our patterns are quite complex so correcting any of the above would be ideal. If it's not something on my end I would love to know what to ask the vendor when they're exporting the DXFs to send

Thank you


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 672 Gerber Staff 💛
    edited October 28
    @LaurenM It all depends. I would start by looking into the actual files in Notepad to determine which CAD system they are exporting from and in what format. For example, is it ASTM/AAMA DXF and what version, who is the Author? From there you can determine the outcome based on the ASTM/AAMA Import and Export Options which are similar on all CAD systems that support ASTM/AAMA standards, however there are slight differences between the apparel systems with grading, seam generation, etc. Once you determine Author, we can look more deeply into the differences.
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