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How to plot a Marker closer to edge of media?


Our company has a Gerber MP+ 1800 plotter, and Accumark version 13.0. We are trying to plot a marker so that it sits closer to the edge of our media; our markers are currently plotting 6.25" from the media edge; however, if we plot pieces directly from Accumark without going through the Easy Marking process, our pieces are plotting .5" from media edge - which is exactly what we would like. We have gone through the plotter settings, and margin is set to 3/8". We have explored the Marker Plot Parameters, and no settings seem to jump out at us as to what could effect this. We've also looked into the Easy Marking plot settings, and couldn't come up with anything there either. We considered moving the media roll placement further to the left, but we were worried that the printer will simply detect the media's new position and continue printing our plots 6.25" from media edge. We have also gone through the manual and other printouts received during training with no luck. We received training a year ago and have spent the past year digitizing patterns; only now are we trying to figure out our plotting process.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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