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Issue with AM server key

fortizfortiz Posts: 28
Hello Community...   Good morning...

I have a doubt bout configuring AM 13.2 server key...

An educative institution has a server key ( RED key ) and B4 pandemic it was used locally in classroom...

Wtih pandemic they had to keep on teaching AM remotely so they decided to use the other option, you know , throught log-in in wich every student has his one password to access remotely to license in order to open AM explorer from wherever he is.

Insitution use to use a VPN to do this connection but right now students are comming back to classroom but the issue is that in classroom, client pc´s are not able to open AM although server key is connected to server PC and license is ok. In classroom nothing was modified so, it is supposed that clients should be able to open AM but I don´t know if customer has to switch locally and disconnect VPN services. 

AM can be opened on server PC without any problem.

Do U have any idea bout whats happening? 

I´d like to know your comments please...

Thanks and Best Regards


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