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Plotter HS 15 / non plus /

lubomirlubomir Posts: 4
edited September 22 in Signs and Graphics
i am one of dinosaurus in signmaking./ since 1990, location Slovakia/. I own Gerber HS 15 since 1994 / product from 1990 / , it has worked over 30 years and few months ago it broke down.
I could put it away, but i like to repair it.
Problem, i didnt find any information about HS 15. / users manual, service manual etc / It looks like HS 15 didnt exist ?
I wrote to Lectra/gerber, Hayatt, plotterdoctor, ..ok they answered but i didnt get any usefull info. Yes, from Lectra/Gerber sent me users manual - HS 15 PLUS. But it is newer plotter different from HS15 /non-plus/. I went through archive. org, bilion of pages, timeline of Gerber pages / since 1996 untill Lectra :) but no word about HS15 / non plus/
... e.g. they have among legacy products on www / march 2010 / only HS15 plus...

So i am looking for some other dinosaurus, maybe someone has any technical information / service manual would be great, or layout of mainboard/ . i can share , what i figured out..My plotter really broke down, died...only red LED and fan were working. I have found broken C on mainboard, so +15 V was on 0. /tantal/ i changed it. Now +15V is ok, HS 15 alive, after switch on processor is testing motors, but one motor / Z/ is still not working , plotter beeps 7 times, disconnect all motors. I checked signals on mainboard, but it is very hard to find problem without layout, manual, or any information / mainboard is 4 layers board/
And one information more, all servomotors and feedbacks from opto are ok , problem is on the mainboard ...

So anyone to help me ?



  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 146 Gerber Staff 💛
    The original hs15 was made before the internet existed and was replaced by the plus model. Im sorry to say I checked my archives and I have nothing on that plotter. it might be time to buy a new one. 
  • lubomirlubomir Posts: 4
    hi Adam, thx for answer. I agree, its very old plotter, production about 1988...and i have to say i use just now GSx plus. But about HS15 /non-plus/..its like with old car, if you like it, you look for any information, for some parts , for people, that can share some knowledge..Somewhere it had to be developed, i suppose production and central service was located in USA....dont you know any retired one from gerber staff, someone who remember years 1988 -1990 ? 
  • lubomirlubomir Posts: 4
    hi Adam, 
    i scanned few pages from my archive about HS15 nonplus, i got it many many years ago. You can add it to your archive / please with note who saved this information.  :-)


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