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Gerber plotter

DGallinoDGallino Posts: 9
How do I add a Plotter in Gerber v8.5 (Accumark)?


  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 17
    If the plotter is plugged into this V8.5 workstation, look for "Hardware Configuration" or "Gerber Devices Configuration" in the Start Menu.
    If it is a network plotter, I think the "Plotter Queue" is in AccuMark Explorer\File\Options. (v8.5 is a distance memory for me.)
  • DGallinoDGallino Posts: 9
    Solution: Our MP18 plotter wasn't being located by hardware configuration. Resulted in needing to go to Gerber driver and installation portal to download the correct WinPlot software. Once the drivers were installed we were able to locate the plotter in the Hardware Configuration area.
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