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Different ways to Save pieces

mirobertsmiroberts Posts: 12
We have a new team member and she's having trouble with saving pieces.  She's somehow saving pieces and not realizing it.  When I look at the time stamp for the pieces all the pieces in the model editor will have the same time down to the second.  To my knowledge the only way for that to happen would be to have all the pieces pulled up in PDS, use the save function, and draw a marque around all the pieces to trigger them to save at the same time.  I've checked her settings sever times in the User Input box to make sure Save Models is not selected just the Save Pieces.  

Does anyone have any other ideas on how this is happening?

Thank you so very much!


  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 27

    If Save Pieces is selected, this is the User Input. It will only save the selected pieces.

    If Save Models is selected, this is the window popup allowing model selection.

    All the peces in the selected model will be saved (without the need of the piece in the work area).
    Select the Save Pieces at the bottom to switch.

  • mirobertsmiroberts Posts: 12
    Thank you for the reply, Eric.

    These are the only two ways I could think of as well.  I've checked her User Input box several times and it's always set to Save Pieces.  She says she's not drawing a marque/box around all the pieces and saving them simultaneously.  The Save Model option is not selected and am told that is not being changed either.  

    Any other ideas on how to save multiple pieces at the same time?

    Thank you,
  • mirobertsmiroberts Posts: 12
    Figured out a third way and it's the solution to our problem. Woohoo!

    When closing a work area in PDS if there was a change made to any piece and it wasn't saved a dialog box will open giving three options. One of the options is Save and Close.  When this happens it saves all the pieces in the menu, not just the ones that had a change made.

    Have a fantastic day!
  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 27
    @miroberts Sorry, looks like I didn't read your original post properly and answered something you've already checked.
    Good to know it will save all the pieces, not just the ones in the dialogue. That is so wrong to program like that, especially to the marker makers who get prompt to update the markers when they need to plot.
  • mirobertsmiroberts Posts: 12
    EricFromBC When the marker makers update markers do they make changes to pieces or just the markers?  You can still save in Easy Marking and it not effect the time stamp on individual parts.  This looks like it's just in PDS.
  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 27
    No. Update a marker will not update the piece.

    But under AccuMark Explorer/Configuration/Marking Options/ there is an Auto Update Marker option. Choices are Yes/No/Prompt. I have never chose Yes, but I love prompt.
    After a piece is changed, if I open/plot markers containing that piece, AccuMark Explorer will ask if I want to update the markers to use the latest update piece. I found it very useful at my old job.

    If PDS save all the pieces within the menu, pieces with no change would get new time stamp, Marker Maker may get false flags their markers needing update.

    At my current job, pieces are shared between models and products, that false flags would keep the marker makers very busy.
  • VasylVasyl Posts: 1,108 ✭✭✭
    Cos if a customer change some fuse's piece then the right way to save piece instead all model. And only fuse markeres will ask for update
  • mirobertsmiroberts Posts: 12
    EricFromBC  I'm following your train of thought now.  We share a lot of pieces between models as well, but we don't automatically update the markers.  It's something to look into though.  

    Vasyl  I think my confusion was not knowing about the markers automatically updating.  It's not a feature my company uses so was unfamiliar with it.  I'm going to look into it to see if it's something we can use.

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