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Gerber Envision - Incomplete cuts

MDWWidowskiMDWWidowski Posts: 2
Greetings All,
In the picture below is the problem I am having. While most of the decal cuts through the 2mil material, in some spots it does score the material but does not seem to cut all the way through. Also, on this last job the Multi-Cut did not cut on the same path. Changed the Carriage & Cutting Strip. Changed the speed, the force, and when I cut deeper it cuts the paper backing. It's intermittent. It is quite frustrating.  Anyone here have ideas? Thank You for any suggestion.


  • After searching elsewhere for an answer, I found one. I had to lubricate the blade in the Knife Holder. It seems to have solved the problem. If you had the same problem and came here looking for an answer, Try lube !
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