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Error 31: Error receiving data from Queue

MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
edited August 16 in Plotter
Hello everyone.
Occasionally I've been facing error on My plotters where everything seems working fine (like Server Manager, Interface manager, Drivers) but still the plotter is showing the server disconnect status and putting Question marker "?" on cartridges status. It shows "Error Cods: 31, error receiving data from queue" (Sometimes on running interface or on restarting the server). 

I've gone through many posts on this community and have tried many methods (like Reinstalling, Disabling the Driver Enforcement, Whitelisting the Exe in antivirus etc.) but nothing worked. Before, the only option I got is to reinstall the windows. But after some time I've found that the problem is only specific to a window login. You can sign-in with a different login and the error disappears. or else You can renew Your current login too (By renaming the Login folder in C:\Users but it will reset all the private settings but With Cautions )...
This is My personal experience. If anyone else have/will found any solution, please share it here...
I'm a Cutting CAD Room Specialist and Technology Enthusiast...


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