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Piece Splitting on Invisible Line

MiraryaMirarya Posts: 9
I have some tee patterns that came to me as the sleeve and body attached. I digitized them and am splitting the pieces so that the sleeve and body are separate. This has worked just fine on 4 of the 5 patterns, but the last one refuses to split along the line I select. Instead it creates an invisible splitting line just off the shoulder.

Selected splitting line

What happens

I have checked my splitting line. It goes from perimeter to perimeter. It is an unbroken line. There are no extra lines or points is the same as all the other patterns that worked.  I tried remaking the piece by tracing or copying the original, but the problem persists on the copy.  Is there anything else I can try?


  • VasylVasyl Posts: 1,004 ✭✭✭
    edited August 4
    1st. Check the internal's line end poin match perimeter's triangle point.
    2nd you've split perimeter line in corner (triangle) to sepate segments. Thevtriangle have to tranforms to 4angle...

  • MiraryaMirarya Posts: 9
    @Vasyl The internal points are matched to the perimeter point. I used snap to geometry/intersection to make sure. The perimeter line is split at the point. Which is exactly how my other pieces that did work were set up. Just to see, I tested it with the lines combined as well with the same result. 

    I did manage a work around.  I used extract to pull out the regions into new pieces, but I'm just so perplexed about what could be preventing spit piece from working on this piece specifically.  
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