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marker screenshot/ save as image?

ppenguinppenguin Posts: 11

Is there anyway that when you send a picture of a marker to a client for approval that you can see the piece name on the pieces. I don't see my piece names on my marker screen when making a marker. 


  • VasylVasyl Posts: 942 ✭✭✭
    Hi, send a marker to plot. But switch to DosFile (File) destination to generate hpgl or dxf file. There an annotation shoul be present as well while you plit marker.
  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 650 Gerber Staff 💛
    edited July 20
    Your marker will display whatever was defined in the Annotation Table editor used to order the marker. "PN 1-50" gives you the piece name on all pieces if you define on the DEFAULT category line. SZ is for Size and BD for bundle, etc. All this is explained in the Annotation Editor. Once defined, the information will show up in the marker when your Easy Marking View-Settings are set to Annotation=Full. Then, you can go to the File menu drop down and select -Print and choose "PDF". 
    Alternatively, you can also generate a marker plot file and annotation will show up there as well but a PDF is a great way to communicate with your partners by emailing an attached version of the marker that can be easily printed out on a single sheet of paper.

  • ppenguinppenguin Posts: 11
    I think my question should have been "how do I see a piece name while in Easy Mark"?  Do you get to choose an annotation file when you print to a pdf. If I can see the piece name in Easy Mark then it would show up on the pdf.

  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 650 Gerber Staff 💛
    edited July 21
    Whatever is defined in the Annotation table is what determines what you can display in the marker on pieces. If your annotation table in the order file does not contain a piece category or the DEFAULT line for "PN1-20" or "PN1-50" you will not get the piece name showing on the pieces in the marker or in the marker plot output. The only exception to overriding one annotation table over another is in marker plot processing form. Once marker order is processed, you are looking at the marker and turning things on using Easy Marking Settings dialog as previously shown.
  • VasylVasyl Posts: 942 ✭✭✭
    I have some add to dear Kathy.
    The Default/Full annotation setting in Marking is relating with CutdownMaster in Order.

  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 650 Gerber Staff 💛
    @Vasyl True and whatever is defined in Annotation Editor will be on both piece types.
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