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Convert Pleat

I digitized a piece with a pleat and now I need to convert it to an object so I can sew it correctly in 3D.  
The Convert pleat step #4 says "Select the pleat line on the pleat to be converted"  What is the pleat line?  Step #5 and 6 say "select first slash point and second slash point" which I understand, but then step #7 and #8 say to "select the open point"  What is the open point, it won't let you select the slash points and if you try to select them you get an error message that the two points have to be on top of each other, what does this mean?  A picture in the help files would be a great help.  This is an image of my piece, what are the open points?  Help, I've been trying to figure this one out for 2 weeks :)
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