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Upgrading C200mt for very old cutters?

thorinthorin Posts: 4
Hi all,

At one of our plants, we have two Gerber cutters, one model being “S5200” and the other model being “S7200”. The software that we’re using for the Gerber cutter is called “C200MT”.

The controlling PCs running  C200MT are very old and need to be replaced. I'm an IT guy, I don't know anything about fabric cutting, but the factory team tells me that we cannot upgrade the PCs because the newer version of C200MT wont work on the old cutters

How can I find the newest version of the C200MT software that is compatible with our cutter? I want to run it on a windows 10 computer.

Thank you for your time.



  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 78 Gerber Staff 💛
    You can upgrade the PCS to Win10. But both cutters have to have the mcc-3 -Board. Probably your machines still have the Mcc-2-Boards.

    If this is the case, contact your Gerber-Representative to get an offer for the Mcc-Upgrade.

    Without Mcc3 the last operation system that works is XP if a c200MT version 3.x is installed.

    If you still have the 'encoder at beam' , it has to be changed to 'encoder on table''. This is a Hardware change, too.

    Keep in mind to swap your sw-key to USB If you have parallel-keys.

  • thorinthorin Posts: 4
    thank you. Can you tell me more about the encoder change? 
  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 78 Gerber Staff 💛
    There was an "Encoder-/Variable speed-CTOT drive upgrade"  because of the new feature "Continous cut" years ago.
    Since Version 4 does not any longer support the "Beam-Encoder", this upgrade has to be performed to get the biting working.

    See attached pics of both encoder assemblies, beam and table.

  • thorinthorin Posts: 4
    I received the MCC3 board. But it also came with a trans board and some relays and sockets. Can I just swap in the new mcc board? Or does the trans board have to go in with it?
  • thorinthorin Posts: 4
    I'll answer my own question here: yes both need to be replaced. 
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