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What does "incompatible stitching relationship" error mean in 3D?

JmethnerJmethner Posts: 3
edited July 9 in AccuMark
What does "incompatible stitching relationship" error mean in 3D? Is this a problem in my pattern pieces or have I done something wrong creating the relationships? This error message doesn't come up until I try to run the simulation.

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  • Mary McFaddenMary McFadden Posts: 76 Gerber Staff 💛
    Accepted Answer
    Hi, this error is generally given if a small section of line has been left out of a stitching relationship.  I suggest deleting the stitching relationship where the error is occuring, ensure "Stop at Notches" and "Stop at Turns (N attributes)" is not selected, and then recreate the stitching relationship.  Make sure you get every line segment needed.


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