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Patterns won't show as folded in 3d

RR_2098RR_2098 Posts: 2
Hi guys! Argh I am so frustrated. I'm a new 3D user, and I've been meticulously combing the manual trying to find a solution, but I'm coming up short.. hoping for a guardian angel visit!!!

Issue: 3D won't show the fold in my neckband.

What I've tried: I've gone back to PDS several times and created a new fold within the neckband through the 3D tab. (Side note, when prompted to choose the side to fold to, the piece won't highlight which bothers me, but I digress). I can see that the fold has been made. I then save the model, then go back to the 3D window. But, no updates. PLEASE HELP. 

Thanks thanks thanks!!!


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