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Images not loading after pieces/model have been saved with the colorway

designercrb_25designercrb_25 Posts: 10
edited June 18 in AccuMark
Not sure what is happening exactly.  We place our images, create colorway(s), save.  Then randomly a few models can no longer load the images.  We were able to open the model a couple of times in PDS with the images showing before it randomly stopped letting us see the images. 

We are starting to print on fabric in-house so we need this to work properly.

As you can see from the attached files we have an image on the patterns but they are not showing up.  They are viewable in the linked image folder. 


  • Mary McFaddenMary McFadden Posts: 76 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi, have you created an Image Library and added the images to the image library?  Alternatively you can link the image library to the drive/folder where your artwork is kept.

  • designercrb_25designercrb_25 Posts: 10
    edited June 18
    Hi Mary,
    I recently created the Image Library during the 3D webinar that was offered.  We created the linked library folder to our graphics folder that we have on our server this week. The images show up fine in the linked library folder.   We didn't have any issues at first but after we save and go back to review or make modifications that's when the images no longer show up.  

    Does this sound like something we should put a call into CAD Support for? Do you know of anyone else who had this issue with V13.2? 

  • Mary McFaddenMary McFadden Posts: 76 Gerber Staff 💛
    Yes, definitely put a call into CADsupport.  And check in your model.  What do you see in the image field (see attached image).
  • designercrb_25designercrb_25 Posts: 10

    This is what it's saying at the moment for one that has a colorway and one that doesn't as well. But both folders the images are coming from are linked.
  • Mary McFaddenMary McFadden Posts: 76 Gerber Staff 💛
    If you double click on that red text you should be able to assign the images.  Make sure after making colorway edits that you save the model and not just save the pieces.  The model needs to be saved in order to save the colorway information.
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