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cursor issue

michellepatrikmichellepatrik Posts: 1
edited May 27 in Digitizer
Hello, I have a friend that has Gerber . her cursor failed o the floor and since then is not working. 
Happens that I have  cursor 16 button from Investronica , that I don't use. The plug is different but wondering first if is anything that could fix the original one ( Gerber ).
Second , if is not fixable is it possible to cut the end of the cable from the one that is not working and connect to the one from investronica? It happened to me before that my puppy
chewed the cable, I did reconnect all wires and was working, but this case now is different .
She cannot afford a new cursor, plus is  very old model. Also the investronica is the same , old model, probably same generation. The investronica cursor is calcomp.
Thank you, hope I can get some advise .


  • SometimesIneedHelpSometimesIneedHelp Posts: 53
    edited June 3
    If the connector is different it most likely won't work.  Is this the old black cursor?  IF that is the case your best bet is to look on ebay for a replacement.  If you get a replacement I recommend taping the cursor to the table so it won't reach the floor if it falls off.  Do you have a picture of the cursor?

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