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How do I fix a storage area when Accumark Utilities check fails

stevenostrianstevenostrian Posts: 3


I am getting errors on my marker directory 0-EXO-21 for over a week now.

Accumark Utilities Check Marker helps sometimes temporarily, but this directory still locks up sporadically.

I am running Accumark 8.5.1 and am not using sequel server.

This one is when generating a report.

 Error-1002, ..\..\archives\microdyn\ATMARKER.CCP(1390)

This is the error when opening the directory “building list” showing in my Activity Log.

>DATE: 21-05-07  TIME 01:03:52P   CODE: 54000 CLASS:EXECUTION

Unexpected Lock:Ctl file isn't locked, but the trailer is locked

Task TOOLKIT locked out of C:\userroot\STORAGE/0-EXO-21\DATA\mark.ctl

by user UNKNOWN running TOOLKIT (pid=66) on




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