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Assyst 2019 Import issues

LaurenMLaurenM Posts: 3

I have a vendor who is working in Assyst 2019. They're sending me AAMA DXF pattern files, and I'm having a lot of issues importing. The seam allowances, points and grade are often corrupt. I've even experienced their patterns crashing my PDS app. 

I've inquired a few times and they say they're using default settings to export. That said, I've had patterns come in with various issues that would appear to be due to different export settings.

My question is, does anyone have any experience working between Gerber and Assyst? Are there specific settings I should be requesting them to use while exporting patterns to us? They also said they can't send .zip files for some reason and the only other format they can send is .dpe

Any input or experience would be super helpful, thank you!
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