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Need help in converting file format

MKCMKC Posts: 1
edited April 13 in AccuMark Made to Measure

Hello everyone,

Currently we are using Gerber Technology’s MTM program, and having a difficulty in finding a way to convert .txt format into .ord format so that we can import a data into MTM software. In current setting, when we export a data from MTM, it exports as .ord format that can be read via txts. However, MTM does not recognize txt file format when importing.

What we are trying to achieve is make our conversion process easier. We export our measurement data from ERP and the data is saved as txt format. Because the data is in .txt format, we cannot directly import it into MTM software. The only way we could find was to change the data and the title of the previous .ord file and import. Is there any other way that we can directly change the .txt format into .ord or import txt directly into MTM?


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