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Ghost Pieces in Marker after nesting is completed.

the que states that the marker is completed, however when I open the marker there are "ghost" pieces" in the marker. not all are placed. any suggestions to fix this issue? I have made sure that round buffers is marked in the settings. 


  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 378 ✭✭✭
    @BETH are these pieces Married...!!! If so, then any married pieces which are greater than the width of Marker will not be placed by Nester. 
    Please share the snap of the Marker as well as Queue...
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  • kertim_whkertim_wh Posts: 1
    Hi guys. I have a similar (?) problem with our Gerber GT5250 cutter. When I open the marker and start the cutting, there are ghost cut in the marker. (We tried some different nesting program but it did not work.)

    So, the "ghost cut", cut crosswise our small pieces. (see in the pic.)

    Have you noticed a similar error?

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