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pattern changes don't appear to save

ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 12
I've made changes in PDS.  Saved all pieces and closed the workspace (no warning that anything isn't saved).  Then when I reopen the pattern none of my changes are there!  But if I move the pattern into a different folder, somehow the changes appear when it's in the other folder.  At first I thought it had something to do with moving from v8 to a v9 folder, but it even happened in v9 to v9.


  • VasylVasyl Posts: 854 ✭✭✭
    A data can be saved to different storage. Check Preferences->General->StoreTo
  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 12
    I've already made sure that under Preferences "data stored to" = retrieved area.
    It was saving there, because when I moved it, the corrections moved to the new folder.  But when I brought it up to view, it was only showing the old version.  Is the Gerber system using something like cookies, and not necessarily bringing up fresh data?
  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 622 Gerber Staff 💛
    Check your PATH for default storage area. Is it a valid one? 
  • SometimesIneedHelpSometimesIneedHelp Posts: 40
    I have this happen a lot especially if I use the save\model, it appears to save but the pieces do not save.  As a safeguard I use save\pieces and then save\model and I'll bring the part from the icon menu to the workspace to make sure that the part has saved.  Sometimes it just doesn't save.
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  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 12
    Scary, right!?  There's no point doing the work if it isn't always going to get saved.  The problem seems to have gone away for the moment, but I'm still not sure why it was happening.  I was definitely saving individual pieces and the whole model, to be safe.
  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 12
    Check your PATH for default storage area. Is it a valid one? 
    And my default storage area was fine, hasn't changed.
  • Mary McFaddenMary McFadden Posts: 59 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Elizabeth,  Do you have Save Model or Save Pieces selected in Save?  If you have Save Model selected are you selecting the model name from the dialog?
  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 12
    Yep.  It's actually saving.  It's just that it only displays the old versions of the pieces.

    I just now did a different test - I made changes, saved, and closed.  Then exported the pattern from AccuMark Explorer.  When I re-opened the pattern in PDS it looked like the old version of the pattern, with none of the changes made.  But when I imported the pattern I had exported, all the changes were actually saved after all.  It's like PDS needs to have it's cookies cleared, and is showing me old info, instead of actually refreshing and pulling from the most recent pattern.
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