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Hi , Everyone
Our customer have paragon hx cutter machine (Software version: GERBERcutter Windows 10 64 bit Pro)
This machine has been operating for 1 years without any vacuum problems. The vacuum problem of the machine appeared a few days ago. 

After the cutting area is covered with nylon ,I adjusted cut vacuum level 5.8 but Cut vacuum level  does not exceed 4.7. I checked everywhere, there is no leak anywhere.
Also after I adjusted cut vacuum level 4.5 , I can see that the cutting vacuum can reach 4.5.

In addition; After setting the vacuum level to 4.7 and starting cutting, I see it suddenly drop to 2.5-3 levels at the slightest leak. I think vacuum regulation does not seem to work. 
Why do you think this problem may be caused?
Could it be caused by the Gerber software database, Beckhoff PC or ACS 880 ABB Vacuum Driver?
I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible

Best regards;


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