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Max number of model options

I have a list from 2011 showing the max data items and the max number of model options is 999.  Is this still true, or has this increased with the new versions?
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  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 622 Gerber Staff 💛
    This is from V14 Online Help - Search on "Guidelines"

    Guidelines for Maximum Number of Data Items

    The following table lists the maximum number of data items allowed in AccuMark when completing and processing editors, reports, utilities, and other functions in an Userroot Based Storage Area:

    Marker: 5000 pieces; 500 bundles; 150 categories (when ordering markers/ 250 categories when attaching markers); 999 yards in length (default =100)

    Model: 250 pieces; 99 options per model; 250 pieces per model option.

    Pieces: 4000 perimeter points; 12000 total points (for order processing and marker making).

    Lay Limits: 150 categories.

    Block/Buffer: 150 rules

    Annotation: 165 categories (150 piece categories, 15 label categories).

    Rule Table: 256 sizes; 9999 rules.

    Matching: 175 rules.

    Alteration: 9999 rules; 999 alterations per rule.

    Size Code: 9999 sizes; 100 alterations per size.

    Order: 99 models; 250 sizes (for all models)

    Piece Plot Parameter Table: 256 sizes; 24 labels; 500 pieces or 1 model or 1 piece list; 20 paste pieces.

    Piece Plot Order: 256 sizes; 24 labels; 500 pieces or 1 model or 1 piece list; 20 paste pieces.

    Process Order: 500 orders

    Marker Plot: 400 markers

    Plot Output: 500 plots

    Cut Generation: 500 markers

    Cut Plot: 500 cuts

    View Marker Plot: 500 plots

    Import: 500 sources

    Export:500 sources

    All Piece, Marker, Plot, and Cut reports do not have a set maximum. Instead, they are restricted to the amount of memory available. These maximums change based on the amount of pieces, markers, plots, or cuts that currently exist in the storage are and if a lookup is used, the amount of memory that is required to perform the lookup.

    A report will display as many items that the system has memory for initially. Then, you may re-enter the lookup and select the remaining items you want to display.

  • Thank you Kathy!!
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  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 622 Gerber Staff 💛
    My pleasure! The documentation is new and improved! 
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