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Plotting annotation

SometimesIneedHelpSometimesIneedHelp Posts: 40
edited March 23 in AccuMark
Hello Everyone,  I have a piece with a B 3point annotation line that plots the piece name.  This is working well the way I want it.  And in my annotation table, I specify that LabelB plots piece name PN1-50.  On the default line of the annotation table, I specify that I want to plot the piece description which means that on any and all pieces the piece description should plot either in the center or on the grain line of the piece (depending on my settings in p-piece-plot).  The problem is the piece description is NOT plotting on the center or grain of the piece.  Has anyone else run across this?  I am on version 14, I need to know if this is happening on any lower versions.  Does anyone have version 13, or 12 that can test this for me?  I can send you the data.  Please help.
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