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Accuscan Tips

LaurenMLaurenM Posts: 2
Wondering if anyone has any tips for a smooth digitizing process with Accuscan

I've followed the Gerber Uni install/process/how to videos and played with my settings for some time now. A couple of considerations with our patterns:
- We work with mid weight drafting paper, not stiff manila paper
- Generally our patterns include many small pieces. 
- We digitize pieces after we've cut samples with them, so they include seam allowance (cutting this off would be very time consuming)

The challenges I'm having are with how to scan patterns smoothly and efficiently. I tried to scan a draft (clean with crisp, thickened lines) as there were many pieces and extracting from the draft seemed most efficient. When using the line drawing option, the internal lines came in inaccurate and many were missing. When I used the Cut out option, many of the pieces came in incorrectly or not at all. I must add that the lines were captured clearly in the scan preview 

When I try to scan separate pieces with seam allowance, I get very complex pieces that take far too long to clean up. My plan was to scan them with SA and remove digitally

I also will note we've tried a couple camera options with the correct ISO, no flash, and no direct lighting. We have the mat mounted in the best area we have available to us

I guess what I'm wondering is if anyone has any tricks with the cut out vs line drawing options to scanning easier to process pieces. It seems there are many restrictions with the accuscan that I would not be encountering with the classic digitizing option, all input welcome!

Thank you!


  • HI Lauren,
     If the patterns have a lot of lines, erase marks etc on one side are you able to flip them over and take a picture of the other side which may be cleaner?  If there is  seam on the one side and you want to keep it that's ok, use the seam functions in PDS to add the seam back, this is the preferred method anyway.  Can you take pictures of the patterns before you have cut your samples so that the parts are "cleaner"?  Also, lighting is key, do you have enough light?  
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