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Why are my settings in Easy Marking not saving?

LynaraLynara Posts: 5
I like to be able to see internals when I am making a marker. Every time I open Easy Marking, I have to go into view--settings and change internals from off to full. I select save every time. The setting will stick as long as Easy Marking is open, but after closing the program, whenever I reopen it, internals are always back to "off". Is there some way I can get this setting to persist even after the program has been closed?

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  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 622 Gerber Staff 💛
    edited March 18 Accepted Answer
    @Lynara Refer to the Release Notes - installed on your "AccuMark Vxx" desktop folder. Your IT must allow full access to the registry for Gerber Keys - per user login account. Each user's settings are saved to the registry key and for some applications they are also created in a file under your LOCAL USER profile, especially for DCU and Easy Marking. You can delete one of these files if you have conflicts or problems launching the application or it crashing. When you launch again, it will be a clean set of defaults, as if opened for the first time.

    C:\Users\user name xyz\AppData\Local\Gerber_Technology,_A_Gerb

    AccuMark user permission requirements are listed under the System Requirements section of the Release Notes in every software release. The information is described for IT to understand so that your policies have the correct permissions and you can save your changes without having to re-apply settings, every time you login. When access to the Gerber program files and keys are not restricted, your personalized settings for colors, menu layouts, locations, etc will be saved. Always back them up once saved to your liking in AM-Explorer File-Options-User Settings.  Then, when you have a software upgrade or change computers, you can always import them back!

    Attached are the V14.0 release notes for reference. 


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