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Notches Cutting Too Deep

vhubbardvhubbard Posts: 19
edited February 23 in Multi-Ply Cutter (MPC)

We are having a cutting issues with the notches cutting in too deep.  Our cutters are XLC7000's.  The fabric we are using is 70 denier and the ply count is 50.  We have pink tissue paper at every 10 ply, except at 30 ply which has wax paper.  Our notches are inner notches with a width of 0.250 and a depth of 0.125.  I'm thinking it is either the speed the spread is cut or the ply...    Below is a picture of the cut 

here is the cut data from our cutter for this cut.  I also attached the cut file, I was afraid the image below might be too tiny.

Just trying to figure out a solution.

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