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Updated Community Guidelines

Shelby GreenShelby Green Posts: 33 Gerber Staff 💛

The Gerber Technology Community Guidelines are designed to ensure members have a positive experience. Help the Community become a place where GT users can enjoy themselves and learn more about their products and features.

  1. Be Creative

  2. Be Respectful

  3. No inappropriate images/NSFW
    The community is a work safe environment so please be on your best behavior.

  4. Stay on topic in the community

  5. Do not offer training and services if you are not Gerber Staff. All Gerber Team Members will have "Gerber Staff" next to their name every time they post. Please do not register or attend any training that is not offered by Gerber Technology directly.

  6. Do not self promote in other people's posts. You may promote yourself in your profile bio. If you wish to promote anything, please ask for permission from the community administrators.

  7. Be a Role Model
    If you see something against guidelines, simply flag it and politely lead them to the GT Community Guidelines or to an administrator if they have questions.

  8. Do not Spam profile walls, discussions, questions, or polls with messages. Please refrain from being impolite or rude to other members in the Community.

  9. Have Fun!

By violating any of the guidelines outlined above your account will be deactivated. 


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