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Is it possible to get the notch shape to show up when using Copy 1:1 and paste into AI?

designercrb_25designercrb_25 Posts: 4
edited January 29 in AccuMark
Is there a way to get the notch shapes to show up when using Copy 1:1 in PDS and paste into AI?  I have notch shape selected in PDS, but it does not show up in Illustrator when I go to paste the patterns.  The notches only show up as slits and I need them to show up as my selected V-notches.  Is there a setting either in PDS or AI that I need to change???

I'm needing the shapes to show up so that I can send the files to my Graphics Dept without having to go through the process of creating a marker (needing a process with as few as steps as possible.)  


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