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Happy New Year 2021

MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 356 ✭✭✭
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Happy New Year 2021 to all Gerber Community Family.

I know it's been the rough year 2020, not only for the Apparel & Textile sector but all the other businesses as well. The Lockdown has affected the businesses very deeply and some of them, sadly, never happened to Reopen. But still, there is always a light, even in the darkest places. We all have made it through and We did it together, as a Team, as a Community, as a Family. Now We’ve to focus on more genuine issues, like the new spread of businesses across the Globe, new trends and business strategies, and new technologies. Because the Covid-19 has greatly shifted the businesses around the Globe. The manufacturers, who acted and returned to the business on time have witnessed the record production of the entire career.

For example, here in Pakistan, We’ve never seen such great demand in the Textile sector, in the past 20 Years. Breaking production records every day, acquiring new technologies, massive employment opportunities have boosted the textile sector to its peak limits. Of course, the Lockdown was a great loss to our businesses, but with great strategies of our Government and Private sector combined, we managed to return to business in less than a month and it helped us to grab the attention of International brands to shift their business here.

It's all about finding the Positive in all these situations (Of course not Covid Positive o:) ). We hope the Textile sector will stand to its original potential soon but the spread of this business across the globe may vary now.

I’d like to present an honorable mention to Gerber’s staff to introduce the PPE Taskforce program in these difficult times to let the manufacturers around the globe to prepare their businesses to avail the opportunity of the high demand for PPE products. The proactiveness of the Task Force brought life to the dying businesses and shifted the trend of relying on Regular business strategies. Thanks Again.

In the end, I’d like to Congratulate You all on this New Year’s Day as the worst days are over now. And now we’ve got a great future ahead of us, full of Opportunities, Business, and Demand. And We can only utilize it by helping each other out, as a community.

Happy New Year.

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