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Bunny Ears on a Laptops Touchpad

Dear Gerber Community, 

This is a really random question. But many of the students I am teaching remotely do not have a mouse and are using the touchpad on their laptop. But this seems to be causing quite a lot of problems while using Gerber because obviously, we use the mouse buttons quite regularly. 

Does anyone know how we can do Bunny ears (left +right mouse keys together) without a mouse? Normally I would left click and drag to select a point then bunny ears to switch to value mode, but this seems impossible while using a touchpad. If anyone has any ideas or already know this answer I would be very grateful. 

I am on Gerber V13 (Windows 10), although my students have all kinds of laptops. Obviously, I do have a mouse! 

Many Thanks 


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 625 Gerber Staff 💛
    We highly recommend that you use a mouse with a wheel so that you can perform all functions in Pattern Design. As long as the students have a usb port, please advise them to use a mouse. This is a minimal investment in cost for maximum functionality and ease of use!
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