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when i see all the sizes in the pattern are different to the break sizes why is that happend?

lgastlgast Posts: 1
I'm working on an old patterns that somebody did many years ago. and i dont undersnatd why if I click on the pcs I can se from size 8 to 30 but if I go to edit delta I only find 3 sizes. 


  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 359 ✭✭✭
    @lgast Size 8 to 3 might only have 3 different sizes in it like (8, 15, 30)... From which version they have generated and also which version are You working on...!!!
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  • VasylVasyl Posts: 877 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2020
    If someone apply to pieces ruletable with size line 8, 18,30, but base 18 and step 2. Then you've only 3 sizebreaks for grading.
    That means the delta is same for 8-10, 10-12...16-18...

    So you can create new ruletable with fuull sizeline but without rules and apply
    Or change add sizebreaks direct in PDS.

    Sorry, i'm using non english version

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