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Graphtec CE7000-130AP is comparable to Gerber Accumark Ver.11?

wonkiwonwonkiwon Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

I'm a new in this community, and nice to e-meet you.

I recently bought Gerber accumark and accuscan, and now I'm in research of plotting machines.  

I found Graphtec CE7000-130AP (an updated model from CE6000-120AP), and I'm interested in buying this plotter. 

I checked hardware configuration in Accumark, but I couldn't find Graphtec CE7000-130AP on the list. 

So, Before the purchase, I want to make sure that Gerber Accumark is comparable to Graphtec CE7000-130AP, and I thought this is a right place to ask. 

Does anyone know if Accumark is comparable to Graphtec CE7000-130AP??

Thank you in advance. 

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