Recommended digitizers for Accumark Pattern Design 11

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Hi all, first time posting, thanks for looking :)

After years of working as a pattern maker in house I have set up my own business and have gone freelance.
I need a digitizer that will work with Accumark 11. My current process involves an old scanner and is very convoluted!

I have contacted Gerber directly and I know the official offerings would be best however at this stage and until I can grow my business they are cost-prohibitive.

I have considered camera based options from Gerber and competitors but have been advised that in Australia where I work and live, the accuracy is not considered precise enough.

So my questions are:
- Is there an official list of digitizers that will work with version 11?
- Any recommended digitizors that I may be able to look for second hand?
- What are you using? Any third party options from other manufacturers?

Thanks in advance any and all advise is sincerely appreciated. 



  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 50 Gerber Staff 💛

    I understand your concerns, but we insist to use  Gerber devices only. Using 3rd party-equipment  may work or may not work. In case of problems we cannot support you if 3rd party devices are installed. If support is needed and it turns out that problems are caused by this devices, we will probably charge you for our labor-hours.

    - there is no official list. We only support the Gerber-digitizer as well as Gebers digital solution. 
    - you may look for 2nd-hand-GT-digitizer,  but you never know if the device is in good shape and fully functional. You may waste your money
    - My customers are using GT-digitizer/digital solution only, no 3rd-party-devices.

    You may have expected different answers, but this is the only way we can ensure you have a functional system with full support.

    Any other solution may work in your case, but you cannot expect support from Gerber. Identifying problems and eventually fixing problems (if possible) may be more expensive than investing money in proper equipment.

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