Possible Omega 7 bugs

I've been using Omega 7 for the past few days and like a lot of the new features that have been added in (especially the foil adjust features and F8 acting as F8 should in Plot!). I have though, noticed a few possible bugs.

1) When doing a foil adjust in the Print Options window, there is a problem when working on Spectratone colors when the Job Foils radio option is selected. It won't keep any adjustments made to the Spectratone colors, either when putting in values or trying to remove values. There is a workaround. Adjustments can be made to the Spectratone colors when the All Foils radio button is selected.

2) The units selection dropdown in the toolbar no longer displays the list of units. The units can be chosen using the up and down arrow buttons, but selections can be made only one at a time and selection is done blindly.

3) With Omega 6.5, when a .plt file was double-clicked in file explorer, a new Composer instance was started and the file displayed. While this was not optimal, it was sometimes convenient. Now, when an instance of Composer is already opened and a .plt file is double-clicked, an empty instance of Composer is opened but the file is not opened.

4) Double-print isn't working. The second print is jogged off the original print.

5) In Omega 6.5, as you moved through plot files and clicked on the print preview icon in Plot, separate instances of Print Preview would pop-up and you would have one window per file. Now, when the Print Preview icon is pressed, the current print preview loads the new file instead of loading a new window. As well, if the adjust screen is up for one file and the print preview icon is pressed on a new file, the print preview screen is repopulated with the new file but the adjust screen persists with the old file's information.

6) Ran into this problem twice now. When I was preparing to print a file, I built my foil adjustment in the print options window, made sure my foils were printing in the right order and then used the Send to Printer icon in Plot to send the file to the printer. I started the print on the Edge and it just sat there doing nothing, sounding like it's advancing the foil but doing nothing. The only thing that would stop it was either to reset the printer or power it off completely. This one is really frustrating since I particularly liked having the foil adjustment in print options, that was really great.

I can provide further information about any of these issues and I believe that most of them are repeatable (the only exception being 6, but I have my suspicions about what triggers that problem). Please let me know if you need anything else.


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