Cannot View Pattern Pieces in Accumark - Please Help!

tidivi23tidivi23 Posts: 140 ✭✭
Hello :-) 

My Accumark is performing very slowly and the folders take a very long time to open. Sometimes a “Not Responding” message will appear and the program will close out. If/when the folder does open, we are unable to view the pieces inside and only the Models are visible (even when all of the visible file types are selected). So we cannot access our pattern files right now. I have already tried rebooting a few times. 

Has this happened to anyone before and what was the cause and/or solution? 

Thank you! 


  • Sue CarrierSue Carrier Posts: 101 Gerber Staff 💛
    Various things can be contributing to this issue - especially if you were working well previously.  Here are some things to check or look into:

    If Windows Updates are being downloaded and installed in the background, then it could be hogging your computer. There is a newer build of Windows 10 - version 2004 - which could be happening. Check your Windows Updates History (through the control panel). 

    Your system's virus protection software could have updates its downloading and installing causing delays. Or there could be a scan that is running on your system (where it checks your system for suspicious files or processes, etc).

    It can also depend where your AccuMark data is located.
     - if you are only using local userroot storage areas - you might want to run Checkfiles to run a check on the storage areas.
     - if you are using networked userroot storage areas - check that you can get to those drives through windows explorer - see if it's slow to get to the same locations outside of AccuMark

    - run Refresh All in AccuMark Explorer - let it regenerate and update the list of accessible locations. 

    If the above suggestions do not help, please generate a Problem Report through the PERU and send it in for investigation. The files that the PERU collects are valuable for seeing what is going on the system.  In the Description add Details on where it is slow (i.e.   File - Open,  in PDS, or in AccuMark Explorer when you open storage area xx, and so on)
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