How to add image to pattern piece V13 2D

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I would like to know how to add image to pattern piece V13. 


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    Are you familiar with the What's New documents that explain new features?

    The introduction of image placement began in AccuMark V10.0 and has been enhanced in each version since then. You can start to learn about the feature in the documentation. From AM-Explorer - View Menu-Documentation, go to What's New Previous for a library of all the past changes to images and you will find the current What's New for V13 one level up or from the "G" icon installed to your desktop.

     C:\ProgramData\Gerber Technology\Training Docs\AccuMark Documentation\Whats New Previous\V10.0.0

    If you would like to learn more about how to use this function, please sign up on to review the classes that are offered. Many are free and we currently have discounted training promotions for virtual and distanced learning opportunities!
  • You have to make an image library in AccuMark explorer first, then drag some images into that folder.
    The model should have fabric codes assigned in model editor.  then in PDS use the image functions to assigne images to the parts.

  • bcooperbcooper Posts: 24
    Thank you SometimesIneedHelp,

    This did work but when saved the piece and I opened it again there was no image attached...
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