FlexiSign 10.5.1 Help request.

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Hi All,

I was advised to ask for help on a forum with an issue I'm having, so here goes...

I am mid start up of a small business. At the moment I'm mainly refinishing furniture. I recently bought a Gerber machine (and heat press)

The plan is to use the machine for both furniture and signage/printing, The man I bought the machines from came to install the software Flexi sign on my laptop.

This failed as the software was for W7 or older. The laptop I'm using is W10. I Have another older laptop I was going to use but had issues with that too. Now the Guy has lost the pen drive, So I don't have the correct software to run the machine on a W10 computer. 

So I started looking online for a Free cracked version as i really don't have the money to spend all over again when i was supposed to get it with the machine. I found what I thought was the best version and crack V10.5.1. After installing I couldn't find the unlock Key/Crack whatever its actually called.

In case you cant tell by this point, I'm terrible with computers but I really am trying my best. Unfortunately I keep hitting brick walls. I've had this machine for over 6 months now and not yet managed to do anything with it because of the software issues.

I'm really hoping someone who knows what they are doing with this software can guide me in the right direction. Thanks for reading. K.


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    Hi @MissS2S
    The Gerber Edge is a fantastic machine for customizing furniture and making signage. We do recommend using Gerber Omega software with the Edge to achieve the best results. Gerber does not sell Flexisign nor do we support cracked/hacked software. I think you need to go back to the person you purchased the equipment from and get some money back for not having software, or have them purchase the software for you. 
    My best recommendation at this point would be to buy new Gerber Omega Software from an Authorized Gerber distributor. I don't know where you are located so I cant provide pricing but a full list of Authorized Gerber sign and Graphics distributors can be found at https://www.gerbertechnology.com/contact-us/sign-graphics-contacts/

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