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Windows 10 Updates

Sue CarrierSue Carrier Gerber Staff 💛
edited April 10 in General

There's a lot of updates for Windows 10 that keep coming through. It is best to plan when to install the updates, because it takes a lot of time and sometimes appears that your computer is unresponsive, even for a few hours along with a few reboots.

Be sure to let the updates finish, otherwise you may see changes that don't look right, or your computer isn't "acting" right.

Some corporations will manage the updates your computer receives, and you will see this when you go into the Windows Update function like at the top of this picture:

Thus, if you plan to let your system update when you're not in the office, for example - when you're at home and not directly connected to the domain, you may need to connect through VPN to let the updates continue.

If you click on "Check for updates" and it does not show any, but you know there are updates available, then that is another indication the updates are controlled by your company. You will see updates are available when you click on the link "Check online for updates with Microsoft Update".

You can check out the Update History through the link on the page called "View installed update history":


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