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gjhorngjhorn Posts: 3
We are having an issue saving patterns in AccuMark. Someone in a different location is saving a pattern on the server storage location and when they are done, all existing pattern files are now gone. Would anyone have a clue as to why that would occur?

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  • Sue CarrierSue Carrier Posts: 92 Gerber Staff 💛
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    Sharing data with other users using version 8 storage areas can have some complications if the users happen to be editing and saving the exact same data at the same time. That is because of the old file format used for userroot storage areas. The new version 9 storage areas will not have those same kinds of issues.  

    If you are sitting next to the person who is working on the same data in the same storage areas - it's best to have a conversation on what data is being edited so you can coordinate your changes.

    If you are not sitting next to someone who you can converse with, then I recommend to use the Optimistic Concurrency prompts that you can setup in AccuMark Explorer - File - Options. This will prompt you or the other user when you try to edit the same data at the same time, and give you choices for what to do if edits have been made by both users

    You will find these options in the User Settings section:

    You can get details about these selections from the V10.4 What's New document.
    (What's New  documents are available from the Gerber G icon on your desktop, then selecting the "Training Docs" folder and then the "AccuMark Documentation" - "Whats New Previous" folders. 


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